Sedation Dentistry in Airway Heights, WA

Did you know that a reported 60% of patients suffer from anxiety in the dental chair? If dental anxiety or fear is a barrier that prevents you from receiving the quality care you deserve, our expert team is here for you!
woman asleep during dental procedure due to sedation dentistryAt Dr. C Family Dentistry, we offer the top sedation dentistry in Airway Heights because we study your entire medical history prior to your procedure to ensure you receive the healthiest, most effective level of sedation for your needs.
We also offer sedation services to young children, to patients who have special healthcare needs, and to those with sound and light sensitivities. No matter your reason, we have solutions designed to give you more relaxed and serene experiences in the dentist’s chair.

Sedation Dentistry Options

Our local Airway Heights dental office offers the following levels of sedation:

Laughing Gas

At Dr. C Family Dentistry, we typically offer laughing gas, or inhalation sedation, to younger patients who have trouble sitting still or to adults who experience mild dental anxiety.
Laughing gas is a light, yet effective form of sedation that has been trusted for over 200 years in the dental industry. It is an odor-free gas that is administered through a comfortable breathing mask, placed over the nose for the duration of your treatment.
While you're in the dentist’s chair, our skilled team members will adjust the level of gas based on your specific needs, ensuring you get just the right dosage to help you stay relaxed.
Unlike oral conscious sedation and IV sedation, the effects of laughing gas dissipate almost immediately after the breathing mask is removed — meaning you can continue on with your day right after your visit!

Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral conscious sedation is usually offered to patients who experience moderate to severe anxiety, or to those who have special healthcare needs. This form of sedation is typically taken in pill form, at least 30 minutes before the procedure to achieve a complete level of relaxation – or sometimes sleep! – by the time the procedure begins.
Because the effects of oral conscious sedation last longer than the dental treatment, please plan for a trusted caregiver to drive you to and from your appointment.

IV Sedation (Children Only)

Also known as sleep dentistry, intravenous (IV) sedation is offered to children who experience extreme dental anxiety, who have special healthcare needs, or for adolescent patients who are set to undergo oral surgery or lengthy treatment. Our team works with a highly-trained dental anesthesiologist who will be right there with you and your child – every step of the way!

The Comfortable Dental Care You Deserve

The team at Dr. C Family Dentistry is committed to delivering comfortable treatments that are never painful or scary! Call our office today to schedule your sedation dentistry consultation.

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