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Bad Breath and a Miserable Life

Right now, I’m here to discuss about bad breath, an extremely important topic regarding wellness and health. It’s also known as halitosis. Let’s consider that you are a billionaire and you have everything you have ever needed. From a private jet to a personal luxurious cruise boat, you have everything. But if you have an unpleasant odor of your mouth and you are always feeling that the person you are talking to or sitting in front you is looking for a handkerchief just to save him or herself from getting died only because of your bad breath then doesn’t it feels like that your billionaire life is really empty and peace less or simply miserable? Let’s see what’s the cause of bad breath and flip side, how to get sparkling fresh breath.

What causes your bad breath?

Foodstuffs:  Your meals are the first root of undesirable odors which come out of the mouth. A number of food items, for instance, onions, some cheeses, fishes, exotic spices(some curry cooked with heavy spices), along with acidic cold drinks and sometime frequent coffee with much sugar and cream can be a cause bad smell of your mouth. Usually, little food particles can get stuck in the teeth which definitely helps to grow bad breath creator bacteria and finally you are with a terrible bad odor in your mouth. Nonetheless, we have to remember that some low carb diet regime is also a cause of bad breath.

Smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco: Cigarettes and chewing tobacco are one of the vital reason for bad breath. If you smoke, then naturally the bad smell of cigarettes will last longer in your mouth and on the other hand if you have a habit of having chewing tobacco then you know that tiny particles of chewing tobacco always stays behind in your teeth and consequently it gives you a gift called bad breath! Chewing tobacco also makes your teeth gum weak and it bleeds while you are eating something hard and you have already known that blood from the teeth is pretty smelly.

  • Poor dental hygiene, such as a habit of not brushing teeth regularly.
  • Health problems: Pneumonia, Sinus infections, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis, other stomach diseases and some liver problems may also accelerate your bad breath.
  • Dry mouth is also an important cause of bad odor in your mouth. Mouth infections, Gum diseases, Cavities or simply impacted teeth may cause bad breath if it’s not regularly cleaned.
  • Dentures or braces: If you have dentures or braces on your teeth and if your teeth are not properly brushed then tiny food particles get trapped into your teeth and it causes terrible bad breath.
  • Some other reasons for bad breath: Objects stuck in the nose (it usually happens with the children), massive doses of assorted vitamins and nutritional supplements, using narcotic substances, alcohol dependency will likely cause awful odor in your breath.

How to cure bad breath?

Remedy for smelly breath varies according to what causes it. Remember to brush regularly in the right way along with start flossing teeth consistently. Make sure you brush your tongue every time after brushing your teeth, at the same time. Visit a dental practitioner on a regular basis in order to make sure your teeth are in good health and take properly care to your false teeth or even braces if you have any.

Finally, just give up smoking cigarettes and throw away your chewing tobacco to the trash. Drink enough water to keep hydrated inside your mouth. Natural remedies are always great so just make the habit of chewing mint or parsley. The final magical words, simply brush your teeth after each meal regularly!

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