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Anxiety Free Dentistry

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adult dental anixety
Do you cringe at the thought of having your teeth examined? Perhaps you’ve had a terrifying experience at the dentist, and you cannot imagine ever receiving treatment again. In either case, it is possible to experience anxiety-free dentistry with the right level of sedation. Sometimes called “sleep dentistry,” READ MORE

Is Dental Anxiety Real? Where Does It Come From?

By: Dr Comments Off on Is Dental Anxiety Real? Where Does It Come From?
adult dental anixety
As a common problem for many individuals across the U.S., dental anxiety produces an intense feeling of uneasiness about visiting the dentist. While there are varying degrees of dental anxiety, most report that they do not sleep the night before a dental appointment, or that they experience headaches and muscle

Tips for Coping with Dental Anxiety

By: Reyazul Masud Comments Off on Tips for Coping with Dental Anxiety
adult dental anixety
Dental anxiety is more common in adults than many care to admit. It’s embarrassing and seen as childish to be afraid of the dentist Spokane Valley, but many people are. If only secretly. As much as one in five American adults admit to avoiding the dentists because it gives them
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