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Ask Your Dentist if You Can Benefit from Cavity Preventing Sealants

Dental sealants prevents cavities on chewing surfaces of the teeth, applied to permanent 6 and 12 year molars. Because tooth decay begins very early in life, sealants are usually applied to children and teens whose permanent molars and premolars have come out, before they develop carries. Carries first show in the grooves of the crown of molars where sealant is applied to prevent the onset of cavities in newly erupted teeth. Sealants can also help protect the teeth of adults, but consult a dentist if it will be beneficial in your case.

Prevent Cavities

Protects Teeth for Years

95% of adults have cavities in the fissures and grooves of the teeth. By the age of 17, 70% of American children already have cavities. Dental sealant is applied to fill these grooves and narrow pits of the teeth before cavities sets in. Sealant serves as a barrier between the tooth’s enamel and tooth decay causing bacteria.  It also keeps small food particles from sticking or lodging. The use of sealants, a safe and lower cost preventive, saves your child from future dental treatments. Sealants typically last for five to seven years, and many children are good candidates for the procedure. Sealants withstand normal chewing and protect the teeth, coupled with regular brushing and flossing. Sealants naturally wear and get damaged but are easily replaced when necessary.

Applied Without Anesthesia

Sealants are minimally invasive and application is not painful. They cost less compared to getting a filling. When a dentist applies sealant, it only takes a few minute for each tooth. The teeth are first cleaned to help the sealant bond. This is a very important procedure that helps sealants last longer. A dental drill is used to open grooves and check for any hidden or deep tooth decay. The sealant is then painted on the chewing surface, mostly the top surface of the tooth and left to harden. A lamp is used to harden the sealant substance. Each tooth can be finished in around five minutes.

Sealed Teeth are Low Maintenance

Sealed teeth are easier to clean because the seal creates a smoother surface that discourages sticky food particles. Even if your teeth are sealed, you will still need to brush at least twice a day and keep up daily flossing. Sealants do not protect from gum disease, bacteria can still penetrate the gum line and cause inflammation and infection


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