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Damaged Teeth Another Reason to Avoid Oral Piercings

The dental community has nothing against piercings or tattoos, be the rebel you want to be. But there are issues, Spokane Valley dentist wants you to know the dangers when you get piercings on the tongue, inside of the cheek or the lips. Obviously, each piercing increases the risk for infections, transmission of viruses such as hepatitis and herpes simplex virus.

avoid oral piercing

Tongue piercing

Those who get tongue piercings heal faster than piercings in other parts of the body, such  as ear lobes, navel, and nose. Which isn’t surprising since the mouth heals faster than any other part of the body, and saliva in a healthy person, kills bacteria. However, the longer you keep oral jewellery in, the more likely you’ll crack a tooth or get receding gums.

Tongue Piercing

Jewellery in the mouth constantly knocks on the teeth and scratches the gums. People with pierced tongues are more likely to develop receding gums, an unattractive and sometimes very painful condition. Consider this carefully, the way you speak and eat changes when you have something else in there. A tongue ornament might look provocative but the upkeep is bothersome. It’s not something you can easily forget is there.

Prone to tooth cracks

Fractures and even microscopic cracks on the tooth is painful. Once a tooth is cracked, it does not heal, you will need a dentist to fix it. The most common piece of jewellery leading to tooth cracking are long barbells, 1.6 cm or longer.


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