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Dental Sealants: A Safety Net Against Decay

It’s true that brushing and flossing are invaluable in preventing tooth decay and cavities. Yet, with unique grooves and fissures, particularly in the back molars, it’s difficult to clean every nook and cranny, especially for adolescents and children. That’s why dental professionals place a high value on Dental Sealants, as they’ve become a safety net against decay.

As a tried and true method of prevention, dental sealants are “painted” on back teeth. To better understand, dentists first begin by preparing the tooth’s surface, so that the sealant will adhere properly. This involves “roughening” the tooth with an acidic gel. Once the gel is applied and dries, the dentist applies the sealant, which is comparable to a plastic resin. It is then hardened, or sealed with a blue light. Sealants are able to withstand heavy chewing, and remain durable for several years. For children and young teens whose oral hygiene habits are inconsistent, sealants serve a great benefit.

Dental sealants help patients best when they’re applied to permanent molars shortly after the tooth erupts above the gum. This is typically around age 7. Yet, it is not unheard of for children with baby teeth to have sealants, as some baby teeth have deep grooves that are prone to decay. In turn, dental sealants provide great protection for children ages 11-14, when the second set of permanent molars erupt, and they can even be placed over small cavities to prevent further decay in a particular tooth. Because the sealant material is clear when it dries, dentists can easily monitor the sealant to determine if it is working to prevent damage. Without question, the versatility of dental sealants offers a tremendous advantage to children, from adolescence to teens.

We’ll Help Your Child or Teen Dodge Tooth Decay
With modern, professional dentistry in Spokane Valley, Dr. C Family Dentistry welcomes your family to our practice, where we believe that early dental care for your child is the best way to ensure that they’ll value oral hygiene as adults.

When it comes to helping your child or teen dodge tooth decay, we will do everything in our power to help, and this includes using dental sealants. If you have questions about how dental sealants may help your family, please call the team at Dr. C Family Dentistry today.

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