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Clear Braces for Adults

A mouth full of metal brackets, wires and rubber bands is no longer the only way to straighten teeth. For decades, this was the standard in dental care services. Advances in orthodontics have created new frontiers in the matter of straightening teeth. In addition to clear aligners that are now on the market, clear braces also offer a new alternative to traditional metal braces. Adults can achieve a beautifully straight smile subtly and efficiently with clear braces.

Clear braces are so subtle people will barely notice that you are wearing them. In fact the casual observer may not notice any difference at all. There is no need to hide your smile due to misalignment of your teeth or broadcast the statement that metal braces may make. Clear braces make it easy to enjoy life as usual without worrying what people with think about you straightening your teeth at an advanced age.

Another advantage of clear braces is that they are not quite as expensive as straightening your teeth with aligners. The clear brackets and tooth colored wires used with clear braces effectively move your teeth into position somewhat faster than aligners and the results are a beautifully straight smile.

Straighten You Smile the Easy Way

Clear braces are used to move anterior teeth or the teeth that show when you smile. For cosmetic straightening of teeth, this method is effective as well as expedient. A consultation with Dr. Cochran will determine if you are a good candidate for clear braces. Depending on how your teeth come together and the goals you wish to achieve with straightening your teeth, clear braces may be the answer for you. More adults are boosting their self-confidence and appearance by choosing to straighten out their smiles. If this is something you have been considering, contact us today to make an appointment for a complimentary consultation.

Dr. Josh Chocran

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