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Root Canal Therapy

Healthy teeth are meant to last a lifetime, but sometimes decay disrupts that course. Without proper dental treatments, it can travel to the nerve center of the tooth and cause severe discomfort and serious infection as the tooth begins to die. Root canal treatment is the means to saving such a tooth and alleviating the pain.

Many people associate fear and pain with the term root canal therapy (RCT); however, this procedure is the means by which the pain is stopped and the tooth is saved from extraction. Myths abound about how root canal therapy is performed, many of which are just myths. The procedure is straightforward and in most cases comparable to getting a filling as far as discomfort is concerned.

Decay begins on the outside of the tooth, eating away at the hard enamel surface. When it breaks through to the next layer, the dentin, it spreads faster because this is softer. The inner layer is the pulp. This is where the nerve of the tooth resides. Once decay reaches this layer it attacks the nerve and can cause an abscess to develop at the apex of the root. Toxins from the bacteria and dying nerve tissue can cause bone tissue to dissolve. Root canal therapy cleans out all the dead tissue and bacteria.

Root Canals Offers Pain Relief for Infected Teeth!

When a tooth is abscessed, all the infection and bacteria needs to be thoroughly cleaned out. It is the infection and swelling of the tissues involved that cause such excruciating pain. RCT removes the dying nerve of the tooth, all the infection and bacteria. The cleaned area is filled with a special substance to prevent bacteria from entering the canal and the tooth is then filled with an appropriate filling material. No more nerve in the tooth means no more pain for you once the area heals and the swelling goes down.

Saving a tooth when possible is the best scenario when the other choice is extraction. RCT is a not a procedure to be feared. At Dr. C Family Dentistry, we offer comfort options so you can undergo this simple procedure in a calm, relaxed state. Contact us today schedule a consultation about a root canal without any pain.

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