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Six Month Smiles

Would you be surprised to learn that you could actually have your anterior teeth straightened in as little as six months with our dental care services? This is true. At Dr. C Family Dentistry, one of our orthodontic options is Six Months Smiles, a system that can move crooked teeth into better alignment sometimes within only half a year. Traditionally, moving teeth into proper alignment meant wearing metal braces for years even if only minor adjustments needed to be made in badly aligned teeth.

With the advances in orthodontics, moving slightly misaligned anterior teeth is much less involved and takes less time. Candidates for the Six Month Smiles system of orthodontics will appreciate all the advantages that the system has to offer. Less expensive than Invisalign, Six Month Smiles can give beautiful results faster.

The clear brackets used in Six Month Smiles are nearly invisible on teeth similar to clear aligners. The system uses tooth colored wires that are less obvious. Only the teeth that show when you smile are moved so the process takes a shorter time period than longer term processes. This system does not re-align your entire bite, only the anterior teeth since it is for cosmetic purposes.

Straight Teeth in Six Months

When you have slightly crooked teeth in your smile, Six Month Smiles is a perfect way to get them straightened out quickly without a lot of financial investment. This is also a comfortable choice if you are considering straightening your teeth for cosmetic purposes. A complimentary consultation appointment with Dr. Cochran will determine if Six Month smiles is the best option for you. He will examine your bite and discuss your goals in getting your teeth straightened. Contact us today to make your appointment so you can find out if your most beautiful smile is only about six months away.

Dr. Josh Chocran

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