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Tooth Extractions

The hardest substance in the human body is found on the surface of your teeth. Designed to last your entire lifetime, teeth can withstand a lot of punishment. Unfortunately, sometimes they do not. Dental decay, trauma or gum disease can lead to tooth extraction. There are situations when even root canal therapy is not a good option and the tooth needs to come out. Such incidences are unfortunate, but more common than not.

When you have a tooth that needs to be extracted, it helps to have the extraction performed in a calm relaxed atmosphere where the staff understands your concerns and your feelings about losing a tooth. At Dr. C Family Dentistry, we take pride in being just that kind of team. Our compassion and care extends to our patients in all circumstances and especially when they must undergo an appearance-altering procedures such as tooth extraction. We want you to feel calm and relaxed during the process and we also want you to know that we will help restore your smile so your self-confidence can return.

Extraction is always a last resort in dental treatments. Keeping your teeth healthy with our dental care services is the first priority. When a tooth becomes infected, root canal therapy is considered in an attempt to save it. When that is not an option, extraction becomes necessary. Extractions are relatively simple procedures that usually do not generate much discomfort especially when sedation is used to help you relax.

Gentle Extractions

Under most circumstances tooth extractions can be done quickly with minimal discomfort. Generally speaking, the fewer roots the targeted tooth has the easier the extraction will be. Regardless of the speed at which we can pull your tooth, your comfort is our main concern. We want you to be relaxed and comfortable during the process. Dr. Cochran will examine the tooth to be extracted and let you know what to expect. He will discuss with you any probable complications that are detectable.

Having a tooth extracted is seldom an easy process emotionally. The dental team at Dr. C Family Dentistry understands this and will help put you at ease. Knowing that you are receiving excellent care provided by dental professionals who really care about you makes the process a little less intimidating. If you are in need of getting a tooth extracted, contact Dr. C Family Dentistry today for an appointment.

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