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Implant-Supported Dentures: Ultimate Stability and Freedom

Providing a permanent solution that functions naturally and supports the shape of a patient’s face and smile, there’s no doubt that Dental Implants have revolutionized dentistry over the past few decades. Adding to the versatility of implants is their ability to stabilize dentures through special attachments that snap into place. As a type of overdenture, Implant-Supported Dentures provide ultimate stability and freedom to speak and eat with ease.

Implant-Supported Dentures: Types

To understand how implant-supported dentures work, it’s best to understand the following types:

Bar-Retained Dentures: Attached to 2-5 implants that have been placed in the jawbone, a Bar-Retained Denture consists of a metal bar that follows the curve of the jaw. The denture fits over the bar and is clipped into place by special attachments.

Ball-Retained Dentures: Also referred to as “stud-attachment dentures,” Ball-Retained Dentures consists of ball-shaped attachments that are held by each implant. These attachments fit into another attachment that is on the denture. They fit together similar to ball and socket joint.

Implant-Supported Dentures: Process and Timeline

The process of placing the implants requires two surgeries. During the first surgery, the implants are placed under the gums, within the jawbone. The second surgery is usually performed 3-6 months following the first, and uncovers the tops of the implants. The amount of time between surgeries depends on where the implants have been placed (upper or lower jaw) and if the implants have fused properly with the patient’s existing bone. Between surgeries, patients will wear a temporary denture. Once the second surgery, which is a simpler one, is complete and the patient has healed accordingly, the dentist or specialist can make impressions for the patient’s final framework. Overall, the process of obtaining implant-supported dentures varies, but can range from 7 months to over a year.

Comfort and Convenience

Delivering the highest standard of dental care for patients in Spokane, Dr. C Family Dentistry places comfort and convenience as top priorities. This means that while we provide advanced services with accuracy and precision, your confidence and trust in us is very important. From the initial consultation to planning and discussing treatment, you will feel informed every step of the way. Do you have questions about Implant-Supported Dentures today? The team at Dr. C Family Dentistry is waiting for your call.

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