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Tips to Include Dentist Visits to Your Child’s Routine

As a family dentist, we regularly see a lot of children at our Spokane Valley dentist office. The staff are extra nice to kids, there are video games and a TV in the lobby to keep them distracted. We do as much as we can to keep our patients comfortable and happy, especially when it comes to children, because kids are not shy about throwing a fit. Adults do that at the dentist too, but it breaks our hearts when kids get teary eyed.

Dental care should start as soon as you have teeth to rot, which is why we give a little “how to care for your teeth” lecture for children as part of our regular appointments. But it’s really the parents that enforce hygiene habits at home, particularly for much younger children. Here are some practical tips to help parents make dental care a part of a child’s routine, so dental hygiene can hopefully develop into habits that carry into adulthood. Healthy teeth and gums are extremely important for growing kids, tooth decay is the most preventable diseases we have today. Kids who suffer bad dental habits that leads to tooth decay miss out on school days, suffer deficiencies in nutrition, and even loose permanent teeth too young.

Get you kids to the dentist early

The American Dental Association recommends you take your baby to the dentist as soon as they pop their first tooth. Think of first dentist visit as a milestone, not unlike first haircut or first walk without holding. Starting early helps us spot any dental problems as soon as or even before they happen. Even as your child is still sprouting milk teeth, these are important for the development of the jaw and the bite. Dentists can advise parents and help avoid a lot of dental problems with simple prevention.

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When dentists are kid’s friends

Your kids will also become familiar with the dentist’s office, and are more likely to have positive experiences when their first visits are quick exams and a sugar-free lollipop. Do not wait for your child to develop a cavity to bring them to a family dentist, then their first dentist experience is a terrifying drill and a filling. Possibly even a tooth extraction. You want your kids to like their dentist, so make a through dentist Spokane Valley search, we recommend our practice, and make an early appointment.

Dental anxiety, which many children, and even more adults, experience can be countered with just one positive visit to the dentist. You can do this for yourself and your children with the right dentist.

Little Girl DentistryMake trips to the dentists a part of your family routine

Children are willing to do a multitude of things, including chores, if they feel like they’re doing it with you as part of a family. Don’t expect to send kids to the dentist on their own, especially if they have dental anxiety already. At Dr Cochran Family Dentist, you can make block appointments for families. Get bi-annual cleanings together, and keep the dental health of the entire family in tip-top shape while saving both time and money with a family package.

Don’t be too proud to offer a bribe

This is included as a tip, because it works. Offer a small bribe, just enough to get your child motivated, but the bribe should not be so large that it becomes reason to exploit you. A common reward is ice cream. This works for adults too.


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