Sleep Apnea Treatment

Have you been told that you snore? Are you constantly tired, no matter how many hours per night you sleep? Struggling to lose weight? You may be suffering from sleep apnea, a dangerous condition that can cause a long list of potentially fatal health problems. Fortunately, we’re here to help!

Dr. C Family Dentistry proudly offers the very best sleep apnea treatment near Spokane Valley, WA because patients have our sleep apnea dentists on their side.

Our team offers convenient take-home sleep tests to ensure that each and every patient gets the personalized, effective care they deserve. To make treatment even simpler – and more affordable – we accept most medical insurances for this service. We even accept Medicare!

What Is Sleep Apnea?

Identified as continual pauses in breathing during sleep, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a reaction to your muscles relaxing during sleep and gravity pulling your airway closed. Sleep apnea can then lead to serious conditions including hypertension, memory loss, mood change, weight gain, and severe fatigue.

What Are The Symptoms Of Sleep Apnea?

Patients who suffer from sleep apnea regularly complain of:

  • Heavy Snoring
  • Periodic Loss Of Breath While Sleeping
  • Struggling To Breathe While Sleeping
  • Constant Fatigue And Lack Of Energy
  • Weight Gain
  • Depression
  • Dry Throat
  • Irritability & Mood Swings

Is Sleep Apnea Dangerous?

According to the American Sleep Apnea Association, 22 million people have sleep apnea in the United States alone. If you have been diagnosed with, or suspect that you have this condition, you could be at a higher risk for:

  • Stroke
  • Heart Disease
  • High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)
  • Depression
  • Irregular Heartbeat
  • Diabetes
  • Worsening ADHD

How Dr. C Family Dentistry Treats Sleep Apnea

We treat sleep apnea using comfortable, completely custom mandibular advancement devices from ProSomnus®. ProSomnus mandibular advancement devices are more comfortable and easier-to-use alternatives to CPAP machines. Our doctors offer a range of models designed to best fit your needs.

During your initial consultation, you will meet with our sleep apnea dentists to review your symptoms and medical history. They will take you through the treatment benefits and process to provide an honest overview of what to expect. From there, they will assess your case to determine if you’re a great candidate for our treatment method. If necessary, they will also communicate with your sleep medicine doctor to ensure your treatment plan is an integrated one.

Your following appointments will consist of digital impressions, x-rays, and more to gather all the information we need to start treatment. While you are with our doctors, our talented front office staff will handle all insurance pre-authorizations, working directly with your medical insurance to maximize your benefits.

Next, you’ll see us for a fitting appointment. During this appointment, our team will ensure that your device is as comfortable and effective as it was designed to be. In the following months, you will come in for adjustments and follow-ups. If you were referred through a sleep medicine doctor, we will be in touch with them for the duration of your treatment.

We’ll Bill Your Medical Insurance – Even Medicare!

Most dentists do not bill patients’ medical insurance for sleep apnea treatment, but we do! This means that you can receive a thorough screening from the dentist you know and trust, without needing to seek out an outside specialist. We accept most major insurances for sleep apnea treatment – Medicare included.

If you have questions about the medical insurance billing process, please call today to speak with our friendly team!

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