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Exciting News! We Now Know Your Favorite Toothbrush Color

It’s not really exciting news, in the larger scheme of things, but this is exciting stuff for dentists! The most popular toothbrush color is now blue. So next time you’re going camping, living in a commune, or sharing a bathroom, do not get a blue toothbrush to avoid switching with someone else. You can thank us later for that very important tip :). And since we’re on the topic of toothbrushes, we’ve compiled a short toothbrush related Q&A.

Do toothbrushes need to be sterilized?

No less than the CDC says that the toothbrush harbours millions of germs, since it is used to remove plaque and food debris from the mouth. Toothbrushes are naturally contaminated with bacteria, saliva, blood, and bits of food. But the CDC only recommends that you rinse your toothbrush thoroughly under running water. Products created and

Take care of your teeth

marketed to disinfect or sterilized your toothbrush are available, but there is no hard data to support that contaminated toothbrushes have caused oral infections or other recontaminations of the brusher. In short, your toothbrush is full of germs, but it won’t harm you unless you have a severely depressed immune system.

Are some toothbrushes better than others?

Colorful toothbrushesIn the very least, your toothbrush needs to have the approval of the American Dental Association to vouch for effectiveness and safety. After that seal of approval, the toothbrush you choose depends on your own comfort and needs. Keep in mind the ADA standards are very basic: bristles should not fall out, bristles don’t scratch the gum to badly, and the handle will not break under normal use. When seeking the best toothbrush for yourself, try a few different brands and designs. Toothbrushes need to be changed every 2 to 3 months, which gives plenty of opportunity to experiment. Pick a brush that’s small enough for your mouth, with a head that can reach the furthest teeth. Comfortable bristles that are soft, but cleaning, are also an important point to consider.

Is it lazy to use an electric toothbrush?

It is perfectly acceptable to use an electric toothbrush, so long as you practice proper brushing technique and meet basic dental hygiene standards. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, 2 minutes each time. There is no real difference between effectiveness of using an electric toothbrush and a regular disposable one, so don’t fall for any exaggerated advertising. Electric toothbrushes are more expensive, you’ll need to replace the head and supply batteries every now and then. You must also actually like your electric toothbrush, otherwise it will remain underused. Electric toothbrushes are great for people with limited hand dexterity, like those with disabilities or painful arthritis.


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