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Top 2 Everyday Food Options for Bad Breath

Bad breath can be painfully embarrassing, it makes you self-conscious and is unpleasant for everybody. A visit to Spokane Valley dentist can confirm for you if bad breath is caused by simple plaque build-up in the mouth or a more serious health issue. If you suspect your unpleasant smell is caused by the food you choose to eat, then here are some food options you can try to counter some common causes of unpleasant breath.

Avoiding Bad Breath


High protein food like meats, and strong smelling ingredients like onions and garlic, produce sulphur compounds that are responsible for a less than appealing after meal breath. Eat yogurt with your meal or as a desert to help neutralize acids and reduce sulphate compounds in the mouth and stomach. Yogurt can be both a sweet or savoury dish, depending on how it’s prepared. It can be used to substitute mayonnaise in sauces and dressings. You can drink it, blended with water and a little salt and sweetener, or eat it as ice cream after a few minutes in the freezer.

Testing Bad Breath


Among the many health benefits of tea is its anti-bacterial properties. Tea contains polyphenol that inhibits the bacterial growth which causes bad breath. If you suffer from regular foul breath, consider switching to tea from coffee as an after meal hot beverage. You can also try ice tea, with less sugar. Coffee tends to dry the mouth, leaving it susceptible to faster bacterial growth.


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