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Why Cosmetic Dentistry?

With the ability to help patients create their dream smiles, cosmetic dentistry encompasses a variety of dental procedures and treatments that are tailored to each individual. Yet, whether changes are subtle or dramatic, the benefits of cosmetic dentistry extend beyond aesthetics. Cosmetic dentistry enhances the appearance and function of teeth, while advancing the overall health of the individual as well.

Types of cosmetic dental procedures may include teeth whitening, repairing chipped or cracked teeth, filling cavities with natural-looking materials, reshaping and resurfacing teeth, closing gaps between teeth, composite bonding, inlays and onlays, dental implants, clear orthodontic aligners, porcelain bridges, gum grafts, or covering teeth with porcelain veneers.

Though many assume that cosmetic dentistry consists of invasive-type procedures requiring several appointments, this is not necessarily true. In fact, the versatility of cosmetic treatments allow for simple repairs and corrections that are often performed in one single visit. Patients note that even the simplest treatments serve an incredible anti-aging benefit. Two general concerns as people age are discoloration and tooth erosion. Cosmetic corrections can result in patients looking years younger.

The simplicity of cosmetic dentistry combined with its anti-aging benefits is sure to boost confidence and self-esteem. Even so, dental professionals report that cosmetic dentistry plays an important role in prevention as well. For example, treatments such as bonding can prevent extensive wear on teeth, while decreasing the patient’s risk for tooth decay or fracture. In other cases, teeth that are properly aligned fill an important space in the patient’s mouth, which keeps adjacent teeth from shifting and moving. In turn, this helps combat the risk of bone loss.

Cosmetic Dentistry: A Worthy Investment?

Most understand that cosmetic dental procedures and treatments are elective. Yet, with a range of restorative and overall health benefits, patients and dental professionals agree that cosmetic dentistry is a worthy investment.

At Dr. C Family Dentistry, we welcome you to experience the full menu of cosmetic dental services that will enhance your smile, while significantly impacting your confidence and quality of life. Without question, there’s a solution that will work within your budget, while fulfilling your unique goals. What are you waiting for? Take the first step towards your dream smile by calling Dr. C Family Dentistry today.

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